Welcome by Glamourfaces Philippines

Your way to go on Top!

its up to you….

Be yourself all times – be strong – be clever

to arrive your goal

What you have to need as model ?

1 . Sedcard – this will be your card to get your jobs

2. A good Agency – they will teach you , support you and give your good ideas

3. its not important so much your height , but your beauty face and your engagement .

4. Jobs will be in all parts of Beauty Products – Promotions , by Beauty & Fashion Events
national -International – Film Industry by Movies , by Commercials , Musik Video

5. invest your time and power in this way and you ll get what you want.

6. Trust and Motivation , Respect to each other , and learning by doing

if you follow all rules ….one day is coming and your heart & soul will get satisfaction.

Now its time to start – Glamourfaces Philippines & Dancamo wish you great time !!

here is your first chance – drop on it and be inside the big Shooting Number 1/21

Your next goal to be present Philippines 2022 by the Worldfinale of :

Veröffentlicht von Guenter Weig

Guenter Weig als Agenturleiter und Fotograf bei Glamourfaces.de tätig Ziel : Unterstützung der Newcomer im Modelbusiness. Guenter Weig verfügt über langjährige Erfahrungen als Fotograf, Modelscout, Geschäftsführer und Künstler (Gitarre & Gesang)

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